“Tom Okarma is a non-profit organizational (NPO) genius.  He brings time-tested excellent practices in one hand and in the other he offers the skillful patience to help you grow your impact and mission.  In this book, Tom Okarma gets to the heart of the issues for NPOs trying to grow to the next level. If you don’t immediately identify with book’s main character and the problems she faces, chances are you soon will.   Read this book, then buy a copy for every CEO and board member of a NPO you know!”

CH Dyer

President and CEO, Bright Hope International

“When an airplane stalls, effectiveness is reduced.  When nonprofits stall, likewise, effectiveness wanes.  In Break Through the Ick Factors, Tom Okarma insightfully identifies some of the most critical factors which often impede progress of nonprofits.  Then, he insightfully identifies solutions for these common challenges.  Leaders will find this book very useful in maximizing a nonprofit’s potential.”

Dan Busby

President, ECFA

“There are many books written for business leaders, but rarely do those books address the unique leadership issues encountered by non-profits, until now.  Break Through is a must read for anyone serving in non-profit leadership!  All of the “icky” topics non-profit leaders tend to avoid rather than face head-on are addressed in this book.  Tom not only addresses those issues, but gives direct advice and practical resources to resolve them.  Do yourself and your non-profit a favor; read this book and implement the resources it gives!”

Christa March

President, Teen Mother Choices International

“It’s rarely about the passion that the leader of a non-profit lacks, but the strategy and the right people around them to implement the calling they have been given.  Tom addresses the needs of a non-profit accurately and gives solutions in a simple and repetitive format that causes one to feel they are sitting at the table with him throughout the book.  Well done, Tom!”

Annette Forster

Partnerships - Illinois Director, Kids Hope USA

“Strong leaders are willing to take a hard look in the mirror when it comes to evaluating how effectively they are leading their organizations and boards. Tom Okarma enables leaders to see the good, bad, and in this case the icky, about what is working and what may not be working in their leadership. The case study illustrates the issues and the potential that exists on the other side of breakthrough. This book will shift your thinking and focus you for higher impact for greater return.”

Tami Heim

President & CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

“Tom Okarma knows where we all have been!  A creative, practical, highly relevant book that will advance any nonprofit, but especially those in the early stages of organizational development.  Every reader will find take-aways that work because Tom captures so many best practices.”

Robert C. Andringa

President Emeritus, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

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